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TQi Telemetry GPS Speed Module 2.0 6551X

TQi Telemetry GPS Speed Module 2.0 6551X

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Requires the TQi radio system with Wireless Module (6511), TSM receiver (6533), and Apple iOS or Android mobile device running the Traxxas Link App. For device compatibility and to download the free app, please visit Google Play or the App Store.

Important Note

The new GPS Module 2.0 (6551X) and Telemetry Expander 2.0 (6550X) replace the original Telemetry Expander (6550) and GPS Module (6551). The originals are not compatible with the new 2.0 versions.

Uses GPS and GLONASS global positioning for accurate, real-time speed
Speed readout not affected by gear ratio or tire-size
Easy plug-and-play installation; no programming required
Waterproof when installed
Automatically detected and configured by the Traxxas Link App

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