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Spaz Stix "Clover Green Metallic" Spray Paint (3.5oz) 00329

Spaz Stix "Clover Green Metallic" Spray Paint (3.5oz) 00329

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 Spaz Stix "Clover Green Metallic" Spray Paint gives a brilliant sparkle to any project. Ideal for polycarbonate bodies, Spaz Stix paints are high quality and offer consistent colors and adhesion. Stand out from the rest Spaz Stix paint.

NOTE: Spaz Stix Metallic paints are opaque colors that are loaded with "flakes" which really dazzle in the light, especially direct sunlight. Metallics will require 3-4 even coats, and the end result can be slightly lightened or darkened when choosing your backer color (we recommend white, silver, or black). While formulated for use on polycarbonate R/C bodies, Metallics will work well on just about any paintable surface.

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