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RPM Heavy Duty 4-40 Rod Ends, BLACK, (12) 73372

RPM Heavy Duty 4-40 Rod Ends, BLACK, (12) 73372

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 When it comes to RPM rod ends, we are the basis for comparison! Our rod ends have oversized hexes and our ball cups are molded to the strictest of tolerances & are molded from our blend of tough, bulletproof nylons. If you’re tired of popping ball cups and breaking rod ends, RPM rod ends are the solution! RPM rod ends fit all Associated, Losi, & HPI ball-studs.

Losi Desert TruckLosi Speed-NTLosi Speed-TLosi StrikeLosi XX-4Losi XXX-4Losi XXX-CRLosi XXX-NT AD2Losi XXX-TLosi XXX-T MF2Team Associated RC10 B4 OriginalTeam Associated RC10 B4.1Team Associated RC10 B4.2Team Associated RC10 B44 OriginalTeam Associated RC10 B44.1Team Associated RC10 B44.2Team Associated RC10 GT OriginalTeam Associated RC10 GT2Team Associated RC10 T4 OriginalTeam Associated RC10 T4.1Team Associated RC10 T4.2Team Associated SC10 OriginalTeam Associated SC10.2

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