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JConcepts Coil Mambo Street Eliminator Rear Drag Racing Wheels (Black) (2) w/12mm Hex 3409B

JConcepts Coil Mambo Street Eliminator Rear Drag Racing Wheels (Black) (2) w/12mm Hex 3409B

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 JConcepts Coil Mambo Street Eliminator Rear Drag Racing Wheels are a great tuning option to help manage your race program. Designed from scratch, the 2.2 x 3.0” Coil, wide-stance wheel has a 1:1 inspired 5 count circular base giving it an aggressive, track ready look that is the perfect compliment to the wider Mambos rear tire (JCO3117). The Coil wide-stance wheel is designed with a high 3D impression and made from durable proprietary materials. The actual design has a thickness throughout the spoke area but is completely recessed on the inside for weight reduction and engineering returns. The wheel design extends to a mock beadlock giving the wheel a sinister look while the face of the wheel is offset deep behind the bead for added depth.

The wheels fit a vast number of vehicles for anyone looking to undertake a Street Eliminator project and accept a 12mm hex drive. Popular vehicles that can use the Coil wheels include the Traxxas Slash, Bandit, Rustler as well as the popular line-up of Team Associated short course trucks and now, the purpose built DR10.The matte black and stealth look give the wheels serious street appearance and look ultra-low under any race car. The wheels pair perfectly with JConcepts Mambos rear tires (JCO3117) to complete the Street Eliminator look.

Original 1:1 inspired Coil 12mm hex design
Wide “Mambos” design, 2.2 x 3.0” configuration
Durable design, finish, and material
Integrated cylindrical spoke and inner ribbing
Available in Black with matte face appearance
Hassle free and lightweight 1-piece design

DragRace Concepts Slash Drag Pak
Team Associated DR10
Traxxas Slash 2wd

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