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DragRace Concepts Track Attack Tire Softener (4oz) DRC-713

DragRace Concepts Track Attack Tire Softener (4oz) DRC-713

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Dragrace concepts

 This is the DragRace Concepts Track Attack Tire Softener. Designed to offer a distinct traction advantage DragRace Concepts has created a must have option for serious racers. Track Attack softens brand new rubber tires and will condition used rubber tires for better performance. 

  • Apply a coat of the product to a brand new scuffed in pair of tires. Seal the tires in a plastic bag and check for absorption into the tire. Once the Track Attack is absorbed into the rubber apply a second coat. Repeat until the rubber will no longer absorb the product and leave the tires sealed in a plastic bag overnight. 
  • Clean tires with Naptha prior to use to remove excess residue. Used tires can be conditioned by applying a coat of the product and sealing in a plastic bag until the next race event. 
  • (1) Track Attack Tire Softener (4oz)

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