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Spaz Stix Multi-Color Change Spray Paint (Orange/Purple/Teal) (3.5oz) 05209

Spaz Stix Multi-Color Change Spray Paint (Orange/Purple/Teal) (3.5oz) 05209

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 Spaz Stix Holographic Color Change paint is a translucent color that, when applied correctly, will produce eye-popping results. Always apply a fine mist of Spaz Stix Surface Pre-Prep (SZX90059) to the surface you are working on before using the Color Change paint. This helps eliminate fingerprints and undesirable swirls in your paint job. Color Change paints spray out very clear, and will require several light coats to achieve best results. At this point, the color will be very faint. After achieving an even finish with the Color Change paint, you MUST apply Spaz Stix High Gloss Black/Backer (SZX00119), which will make your color "pop".

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