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Hot Racing 85mm Suspension Travel Limit Straps (2) (Black/Silver) sls85t1801

Hot Racing 85mm Suspension Travel Limit Straps (2) (Black/Silver) sls85t1801

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Hot Racing 85mm Suspension Travel Limit Straps are functional suspension limit straps that limit suspension travel on all types of off-road R/C vehicles, including rock crawlers and racers. Limit straps are used to take stress off shocks and to control suspension extension. For example, when crawling up or descending steep grades, straps tied to the center of an axle are useful to limit the suspension from unloading and the vehicle from rolling, all while keeping suspension articulation intact.


  • Woven 2-ply Nylon fabric strap material
  • CNC machined aluminum clevis buckles
Length eye-to-eye: 85mm
Total length end-to-end: 92mm
Nominal strap size: 8x2.3mm
Eyelet hole size: 3.3mm for a 3mm screw

  • These straps are made from 200 lb. test nylon and offers minimal stretch to provide a consistent strap length and to protect against overextending shocks
  • Tested on extreme off-road terrain
  • Strap lengths are measured from the center of the mounting holes and are accurate to +/3mm
  • Recommendation: when ordering, choose a limit strap that is at least 5mm shorter than the shock to prevent full extension and possible breakage of shock

Axial AX10
Axial SCX10 I
Axial SCX10 II
Axial SCX10 III
Axial Wraith 2.2
Axial XR10
SSD Trail King
Vaterra Ascender

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